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We would very much like to welcome you to Chedworth Village Hall. In order to make a booking enquiry please complete the form below.

To check the Hall’s Booking Calendar please visit this page.

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Event Details

Please provide a short name for your booking request e.g. Jim and Jane Wedding. This name will appear on the online bookings calendar. If you would prefer the event to be called "Private Event" please indicate that in the remarks.
Please provide more details about your multiple day requirements e.g. weekly or monthly meeting starting on what date.

Your Details

If applicable
To qualify for Parish Rates the person hiring for a private, family or social event must appear in the Parish Register.

Facilities Required

Please note that Bar's Opening Hours are 7.00 pm to 11 pm. Opening outside these hours to be agreed at the time of hiring.
24 hour exclusive use - £300.
24 hour exclusive use - £500.
£10 per hour.
£15 per hour.
£7 per hour.
£9 per hour.
£4 per hour.
£6 per hour.
£16 per event.
Time *
What time would you like the Bar to be open from? Please note that, unless agreed, the Bar's opening hours are 7 pm to 11 pm.
It is possible to hire the School Hall during term time using this form. £7.70 per hour.
£7 per hour.
£9 per hour.
£16 per event.
Please note that this should be the total time including setup and clearing up time.

Other Information

It would be very helpful if you could let us know how you heard about hiring the Village Hall. Please all the boxes that apply.
Are you planning to have a live band or disco at your event?
I understand that under these circumstances the general public should not be admitted by paying at the door and a minimum of 4 responsible, attending adults must be named on the Supplementary Form (provided on request).
Other information that you would like us know before we contact you.
I understand that my personal data will not be published. All personal data will be held by the Village Hall Committee and treated as confidential. It will be used only for the purpose of processing my booking request and any subsequent collection of payment for such a booking.
I confirm I am over 18 years of age and agree to the Conditions of Hire.