Bookings Administration Area

This page provides links to the pages that allowing the Booking Admin to administer┬áthe back end of the Village Hall’s online enquiry and room booking system.

Search for Room BookingsSearch based on date range and room/rooms. The list shown will allow the Booking Admin to link directly to any booking listed and update it as necessary.
Add a Room BookingThis allows the Booking admin to add new room bookings. This is only likely to be necessary when short booking periods, i.e. less than a full session, are required. The majority of the time all the rooms will be shown with a booking status (Available, Booked, Flexible or Provisional) for at least 18 months ahead.
List Booking EnquiriesThis page will show a list of booking enquiries. There is a link associated with each enquiry allowing the Booking Clerk to see the full details.
Client/Invoice listThis page lists all the clients that have been automatically added to the system when a new invoice is created within Quickfile.
AccountsThis is a link directly to the Quickfile accounts log-in page.