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This page features the National Theatre (NT) Live Screenings being staged at Chedworth Village Hall during 2020. Tickets should be ordered and paid for on this page.

NT Live Tickets 2020 Season

Cyrano de Bergerac - Saturday 21st March 2020 - 7.30 pm

"What kind of a hero is this? Everyone knows that Cyrano de Bergerac is a warrior-poet who speaks in stately verse and is cursed with a nose that makes him a figure of ridicule and pity.

The loner that James McAcoy reveals in this mesmerising West End production of Edmond Rostand’s 1897 play comes from another planet. In Martin Crimp’s glittering, rap-style version of the text, he mutters threats like a Glaswegian gangster, and squares up to his foes like a welterweight who keeps a flick-knife down his shorts, just in case. He is a thoroughly modern man with an absolutely normal nose." The Times.

Number of Tickets Required - £10 per head

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