Conditions of Hire



  1. Bookings must be paid for at least 30 days in advance and Village Hall bookings are not confirmed until full payment is received (occasionally be special payment agreements may be made).
  2. Bookings made within 30 days of the event date must be paid for at the time of booking.
  3. The Hirer will be charged a cancellation fee of 50% of the hiring fee if a confirmed booking is cancelled between 7 days and a calendar month, inclusive, prior to the event and 100% of the hiring fee if cancelled within 7 days, inclusive, of the event.
  4. The Hirer is liable for the cost of replacement or repair of all damage and breakages caused during the hire period.
  5. An event cannot continue beyond midnight unless exceptionally agreed at the time of booking, when an additional fee may be charged. However, the bar will close 45 minutes before the end of the event. (Please try to ensure minimal disturbance to local residents particularly when leaving the hall late at night.)
  6. The Hirer (the person whose name appears on the official Booking Form) is the person responsible for the event/function and has a legal responsibility with regard to the safety those persons assisting with and attending the event. It is therefore required that the Hirer be aware of the following:
  1. Before the Event/Function:
    1. How people will be warned if there is a fire.
    2. How the evacuation of the premises should be conducted.
    3. Where people should assemble after evacuation.
    4. Procedures for checking the premises have been fully evacuated.
    5. Identification of all fire exits and key escape routes.
    6. How the fire service will be called.
    7. Limitations on the number of people allowed in each room (see maximum capacities).
    8. Know where the fire extinguishers are.
    9. Know where the defibrillator is (outside main entrance door)
  2. During the Event/Function ensure that:
    1. Escape routes and exits are kept clear at all times. Ensure Exit Signs are illuminated.
    2. No cooking to take place in any room other than the kitchen unless specifically authorised.
    3. There are no naked flames e.g. candles, gas appliances or gas cylinders (unless authorised).
    4. Rooms do not become overcrowded (see maximum capacities).
    5. Noise is kept at comfortable and safe levels so that instructions in the case of an emergency can be clearly heard.
  3. After the Event/Function, make sure:
    1. Everyone has left the building.
    2. All candles (if authorised) are extinguished and safely disposed of.
    3. All electrical appliances in the kitchen are turned off (cooker, hot water boiler and dishwasher).
    4. Fire doors and all exits are securely shut.
    5. Windows are shut and secure.
    6. Lights are turned off.
    7. All rooms that have been used are left clean and tidy and rubbish is removed (see Note 4 below).


General Use 200 95 40
Seated for a meal 120 (+20 on stage) 56 N/A
Theatre layout 170 80 N/A

Maximum Capacities should not be exceeded (numbers exclude performers and staff).

  1. Preparation and clearance of the hall is the responsibility of the Hirer and must be undertaken during the times of the booked period (Hirers are advised to include sufficient time at the start and end of their bookings for preparation and clearing up).
  2. The cleanliness of the Hall should be left by the Hirer at least to the standard it was when the Hirer commenced their period of hire. Floors should be swept. Brooms and other items of cleaning equipment are available in the broom cupboard located in the cloakroom.
  3. If in the view of the Bookings Coordinator, additional cleaning is required, following a period of hire, the Bookings Coordinator will arrange such cleaning and advise the Hirer of the cost. The cost of the additional cleaning will be invoiced to Hirer and will require immediate settlement.
  4. All rubbish MUST be removed from the vicinity of the Village Hall, including the kitchen waste bin contents (recycling facilities exist in the far corner of the car park) and all crockery, cutlery etc. should be returned to the cupboards as labelled.
  5. Should Hirers wish to provide their own alcoholic drinks then this should be discussed with the Booking Coordinator prior to the event/function, as a corkage fee may be charged.
  6. The Booking Coordinator will normally provide the Hirer with access to the premises prior to the event. If a key is provided this is to be held for the period of hire and should be returned immediately after the event.
  7. All accidents, damage and breakages MUST be reported to the Booking Coordinator as soon as possible. Accidents on the premises involving injury to persons must be recorded in the Accident Book located in the First Aid cupboard in the kitchen. Damaged items and faults can be reported in the book in the foyer.
  8. Discos, dances and other amplified musical events: the general public should not be admitted by paying at the door and a minimum of 4 responsible, attending adults must be named on the Supplementary Form (provided on request).
  9. The Hirer must ensure that the volume level of electrically enhanced sound equipment must remain at a reasonably acceptable level.
  10. In the event of a dispute regarding the interpretation of these Conditions of Hire the decision, made by the Village Hall Management Committee or their appointed representative, shall be regarded as final and accepted as part of the conditions of hire.