News from the Village Hall’s Team


16th August 2021

The Chedworth Village Hall Management Committee met on August 2nd 2021. Below is a summary of the main discussions and decisions that will be of interest to Registered Supporters and the Parish Council.

  • Current Covid-19 restrictions applying to Village Halls were lifted on the 19th July. However, the Hall committee decided to leave the hand sanitisers and the social distancing markers in place in reception. Also, to continue to encourage Hall users to follow Covid-Safe practices, by leaving the QR Code on the door and best practice hygiene instructions on the reception welcome screen.
  • Bookings. Regular user bookings are almost back to pre-pandemic levels. Other provisional bookings, made while covid-19 restrictions were in place, have now been confirmed and the Covid ‘Special Conditions’(applied by the Hall committee) have been lifted.
  • The Hall’s financial situation has been boosted by a further CDC grant and a decision has been made to increase the Hall’s financial reserve, to help accommodate other future non-regular occurrences.
  • What’s Happening in Chedworth. An open house event is being planned by the Hall committee to hopefully take place during the autumn. All social clubs & organisations within Chedworth will be asked to promote, display and/or demonstrate what they have to offer the local community, with an open invitation to the local community to attend. This event, which is being managed by the Hall committee and supported by the Parish Council, will also showcase the Village Hall’s facilities and encourage Chedworth residents to set up other social groups.
  • Hall Supporters and Trustees. Due to the recent demise of the Chedworth Table Tennis Club (set up in 1999), the chairman of the club, Geoff Bailey, has retired as a Village Hall trustee after almost a decade in the role. Geoff’s dedication and wise counsel was much appreciated. Graham Stock, who represented the Hill & Valley Tennis Club, together with Colin Peirce and Iain Robertson, retired as trustees at the June AGM. Geoff, Colin and Iain have all agreed to continue to assist the Hall as Supporters. There are opportunities for more trustees to be co-opted and appointed and more Supporters are always welcome. The committee particularly requires supporters or trustees with skills and experience in IT, audio/visual equipment, marketing and project management.
  • Development Projects. Thanks to a request from Chedworth Pre-school to the Parish Council for funding for the Hall to convert the little-used communal shower-room (off the Social room corridor) into a toilet, is underway. This project will benefit both the Pre-school and the Hall and is due to be completed before 1st September. The Parish Council have also agreed to purchase and have installed, replacement external doors to the back, side and front entrance of the Hall during the 2021/22 financial year. This will further increase heat retention, reduce draughts and enable the committee to fit a digital access control system, which will significantly improve the security off the Hall.

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Charles Hutton-Potts, Chairman.